Synthesising an Industrial Strength Enterprise Ontology

The aim of the tutorial is to provide a practical introduction for researchers and practitioners to the BORO methodology, an ontology-based systems re-engineering and modernisation approach. At the core of the methodology is the BORO Foundation. The tutorial will firstly introduce the foundation and then the methodology. It will start with a series of worked examples that explain the philosophical principles underlying the foundation. These will then be developed in further business based worked examples to illustrate how the methodology works and how the philosophical principles drive the methodology and analysis. The examples will showcase how the use of BORO promotes flexibility and reuse of the re-engineered models.


ICEIMT 2002, Third International Conference on Enterprise Integration and Modeling Technology, 24-26 April 2002, Valencia, Spain


Chris Partridge (BORO Solutions)
Milena Stefanova (LOA, Italy)