BORO Foundational Ontology's Meta-ontological Choices

An overview of BORO Foundational Ontology’s Meta-ontological Choices. This covers:

  • Background - BORO as an extensional ontology for business systems
  • The context for metaphysical choices
  • How does philosophy characterise the different metaphysics? Metaphysics through the eyes of philosophy textbooks
  • BORO’s metaphysical choices
  • Top level patterns - that emerge as a result of the choices
  • Re-engineering the companies house data - an example of the re-engineering process assocaited with the choices
  • Company - an example of the result of the choices
  • Higher order types - one of BORO's metaphysical choices


Onto.Com 2016, co-located with FOIS 2016, 6-9 June 2016, Annecy, France


Chris Partridge (BORO Solutions)