Semantic Modernisation:

Layering, Harvesting and Interoperability

There is a well understood requirement for semantic interoperability within NATO and an emerging strategy to address it. One of the strategy’s key components – the ‘semantic description’ – requires further clarification. What is less well recognised is that this ‘semantic description’ can also be viewed as a component of a wider strategic requirement for semantic modernisation. This paper describes how the semantic modernisation techniques of layering and harvesting provide a strong foundation for the production of semantic descriptions. It describes two projects that illustrate how these techniques are being used to do this. Finally, it reflects upon how this could help to refine the current NATO NEC (NNEC) semantic interoperability strategy.


NATO Symposium IST-101 / RSY-024, Semantic and Domain-based Interoperability, November 2011, Oslo, Norway


Chris Partridge (BORO Solutions)
Michael Lambert (QinetiQ)
Michael Loneragan (QinetiQ)
Andrew Mitchell (BORO Solutions)